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- Kitchen Manager -

What does sharing a meal mean to you?                                 

Growing up in an Italian family sitting down to meal together meant everything.  We’d have family dinner almost every Sunday, which meant dinner around 3pm, and leftovers around 8pm that same night (haha) ..enter meatball sandwiches! Midweek, we’d have dinner at each of my grandmothers’ homes, which was always such a special treat for me because that’s how I learned to cook. Fridays meant pizza night with my cousins & Saturday mornings meant waking up to smelling pancakes and having fresh bagels on the table. Growing up in Queens NY, I was spoiled with the best bagels !

Fun fact!

I used to own the best little sandwich shop in Silver Lake called Picnic. It was deemed Top 10 Best Fried Chicken Sandwiches in LA by ZAGAT , LA Weekly & Eater LA!              

Favorite Food?

Sushi and sake! Because you can’t have one without the other.