Sometimes I wonder if everyone sees food the way that I see food. Yes it is yummy, yes it is often beautiful to look at, and yes the aroma is absolutely fabulous. But when I see food, touch food, taste food, smell the food, taste the food, I want to know the story. How did this marvelous plate come to be?

Growing up, our family didn’t go out to eat too much, we ate at home, seven nights a week, as a family. Sometimes my mother would cook, sometimes my father would cook, sometimes my grandmother would cook. I remember going with my mother to Max the butcher on a Friday afternoon. I remember standing, watching her with a candle and a tweezers making sure the chicken for Friday night’s dinner was just perfect.   I remember riding with her on a Sunday to different markets because “the strawberries were so much better over here.” I remember my grandmother coming over in the afternoons making a simple grilled cheese sandwich, cut into corners, some rice pudding with raisins and chocolate chip cookies. All of it, every last bite was good, so, so good. Simple, fresh, local, quality ingredients combined with handmade love was the answer.

The recipe for an amazing experience with food hasn’t changed in 1000s of years and our commitment to carry that tradition is paramount to all else. We constantly strive to forge new relationships and partnerships with local organic farms to provide the freshest, highest quality fruits and vegetables we can find. We take the time to visit the ranches the livestock and poultry we source are raised at. We interview and personally train each and every kitchen staff member and take the time to help them understand why these principles are important to us and insure that they are also important to them. We coach and guide each service staff member to provide a comfortable, yet polished level of service. Add handmade love to that recipe the result is success. Constantly in development of new concepts and recipes, we work hard at making sure the joys of eating with Contemporary Catering are the same as what I experienced as a child. We invite you to enjoy.


Nathaniel Neubauer
Executive Chef : Proprietor