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- Production Coordinator -

Why do you love catering and the events industry?

I love the opportunity to be part of someone’s special day and help create a moment they’ll never forget. Whether it’s a movie premiere or an intimate wedding, they’re all once in a lifetime opportunities that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Food is also incredibly personal; it gives you an inside look into their family, their lifestyle, and what makes them happy. Catering is the seamless way to create a wonderful experience and share a personal memory with loved ones by combining food and events. It’s truly the best of both worlds. If I have one small part in helping to create that moment for them, I’m in!

When did you realize your love for the food world?

My first word was French fry, or “freh fry”, so probably then!

What’s your TV guilty pleasure?

Pretty much any and every Bravo show. I will never miss and episode of Vanderpump Rules; Stassi is queen!