- Client Experience Manager -

What got you into our industry?

Happiness is infectious. I am a true believer in smiles creating smiles. Working in the special events industry, I get to help make those smiles happen on big, often once in a lifetime occasions.

What is your favorite culinary guilty pleasure?

Mine is pretty common - Bread! Crusty, slightly warm, good quality's so simple, but I adore it and eat it all the time - maybe more than I should.

What is your favorite dish that Contemporary Catering makes?

The Burrata Bar Station as a whole. The highlight of the station - hands down are the meatballs. They are highly addictive. But the entirety of the station cannot be beat. You create the most perfect bite of food as you move down this magnificent sight. Starting with the warm, grilled bread, I add a drizzle olive oil from the bottle, tear fresh basil right from the live potted basil plants, drop a dab of pulled burrata from a hanging glass orb, then caramelized shallots, and a sprinkling of salt. I crave it.